NOT too much to do

I was going to title this post, “Too much to do,” but then I realized that if it is something God has called me to do, it is never too much. And just now as I’m writing this, I happen to hear the words to the song playing at this moment: “You are the God of the impossible.” How fitting.

Mike and I both have things in our hearts and minds to do now and in the future that seem HUGE, especially when compared to what normal life has looked like for us. And this is coming from someone whose normal life includes eight children, no debt other than a mortgage and whose husband got his long term good paying job without any experience, training or a degree. God provides and has been there in BIG stuff before, things that certainly would have seemed impossible leading into them. Having a large family, becoming financially responsible, finding reliable work, etc.

The things we are feeling called into are just so different and so much bigger than anything we ever thought we’d be experiencing. Think writing books, inventing things, leadership, leading worship, business. BIG. And my tendency would be to look at it all, say it’s too much and then not really do any of it. The beauty of this journey at present is that Mike is just as much or even more on board with these changes as I am. This gives me great hope that we are going to see these things come to pass in the next few years and that even if it’s hard and uncertain at times, we are in it together.

What is your “too much” right now? What is it that God has called you to or you are passionate about but are holding back from because it looks too big for you to manage? Remember that when you give it to Him and it’s from Him, He will help in its completion. I love what Sammy Robinson said a few years ago when he was here in Fort St. John: “A vision from Heaven will be funded by Heaven,” and that includes all the resources needed to get it done.