Ground that Grows

I am fertile soil.

For too long I have believed

That I was soil full of


Choking out every planted seed,

Distracted and out of focus,

I fulfilled what I believed.

Decided that I couldn’t help it,

I was sadly, unfortunately,

Who I was.

But who I am

Is fertile soil




Illuminated by sunlight.

Home to an abundant garden,

Of promise,

And beauty.

Of vision

And hope.

Fertilized with the Word

I will be ground

That grows.


10:43, put the baby to bed.


And that’s it.

The day is done.


And what have I done today?

Ate too much of the wrong things.

Sat for too long, looking at a screen.

Window shopped on Amazon.

Called myself fat.

Felt overwhelmed.


Promised myself better for tomorrow.

And got a little angry at the day being over.

Why is it over and I can’t change a thing?

And why do I look to tomorrow and know deep down

That it won’t be much different?


Sixteen minutes passed and all these thoughts and fears

Are here, whether I like it or not.

I guess I’ll hope for better tomorrow

And try not to feel this way again if it isn’t any better than today.