Tale of an unreliable blogger

Many years ago, I had a few small children who all napped every day. In fact, my oldest child took daily naps until she was five. This meant that for the first five years of my motherhood, I could rely on two to three hours every afternoon when my house was quiet and I could use the time to work on crafts or writing. Or, to be honest, play The Sims.

I am certain that if I looked at the various blogs I have written over the years, I would find a downward trend near the time when my daughter turned six. I was up to four kids, homeschooling and had two children (sometimes three) who wouldn’t nap in the afternoon. Those hours were now spent keeping them quiet enough so that the younger ones could sleep. If I was really on top of things, I used the time to get supper ready so we wouldn’t be stuck eating convenience food, eating out or eating very late at night.

The truth is, I have lots of “free time” every day. I spend most of it on my phone (ugh..yeah, I know) or sometimes watching Netflix. I spend the rest of my day on housework or taking care of the littlest kids and lately, as this pregnancy progresses, I try to have some down time in the afternoon for a rest or just to spend some time by myself.

I suppose I do have time to write but I am either too distracted to accomplish much or I feel uninspired so I don’t bother. I don’t want to write drivel about how many times someone pooped yesterday or the groceries I need to buy later. Those things are part of my daily life but writing about them is far behind me.

So, all that said, I apologize to those of you who actually read this but at the same time, feel that it’s completely okay for me to write when I feel like writing, rather than pushing myself to do it when I feel dry or tired.

I will likely write a separate post soon as a pregnancy update because things are constantly changing and stress is always threatening and I’m now about six weeks away from my due date. But for now, I confess my unreliability and ask for patience as I develop a rhythm (or lack thereof) to my writing.

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