Count it all joy

The amount of time that has passed since I last wrote anything is evidence of what a hard few months it has been; November in particular. In this case, sick kids, a teething baby and a busy schedule clashed in such a way to make sleep hard to come by and down time almost non-existent it seemed. I am exhausted going into December and looking forward to a break from extra activities between Christmas and New Year’s. Exacerbating our busyness was a shift in my husband’s job where he had loads more work show up but lost all his help in the lab around the same time. So staying home for a day or two is out of the question for now at least.

I read something great yesterday about God using the very little that the widow had in 2 Kings chapter 4 and making sure she didn’t run out. I feel drained right now, with very little in reserve in terms of energy or the ability to give much. I still feel so much hope and excitement about things I believe I’ve been called to but when it comes down to it, just don’t feel I have time to pursue most of it for longer than five minutes (another reason I haven’t blogged since October). What I read yesterday encouraged me to give those five minutes back to the Lord and let Him use it anyway, even when that’s all I have.

Today, this is my five minutes. It is likely that any extra time I have today will be spent on household chores that have been put on the back burner for awhile, or even more likely on a day like today, having a nap. Maybe it will be months before I have more than five minutes to give but I know that God can use these five minutes for His glory when I give them back to Him.

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